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1. What is is an intuitive communication service for companies and organizations that connects people, content, conversations and business information in one single place. The online service enables employees to be more productive; they can - regardless of location or geography - collaborate with colleagues in real time. the "virtual office": Employees can create ad-hoc networks to cooperate in order to work together on issues, projects and documents. Users can read, write and reply messages and share files with colleagues online in real-time. can easily and directly be accessed through the web browser.

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2. How is working?

By answering the question "What are you working on?" daily work and processes will be documented. This new type of collaboration encourages teamwork, employee engagement and knowledge transfer within the company or organization.

Each company has its own, closed and private network for employees with a verified email address (i.e., members of the "Company" network need an email address).

Start now for at and just type in your corporate email address. Click "Sign up" and confirm the welcome email from in your inbox (please check your spam folder). You´re ready in just one minute.

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3. What are the functions of

Post short messages and keep your colleagues up-to-date about work related news and current tasks. Your followers (colleagues) will see your status updates automatically. You can follow certain people to stay always informed about their status.

For certain projects, departments or small teams it´s recommended to open a new network within your company or organization to reach a more specific audience. Users can start several networks and control who can join the network.

You can attach one or more files to your message. All file attachments can be viewed in the "Content" menu. In this menu you can find all the shared content from your team at a central place, separated into documents, pictures and links.

Topics (similar to hashtags) are a very useful way to organize and find messages faster on A topic is displayed like this: #project Topics are clickable links that show all #project related conversations once they are clicked.

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4. How much does cost? offers three different versions: Basic, Professional, and Premium. All versions allows users to write messages, to share content, to setup profiles and to start new networks as well as extended tools for administration. Based on the version customers will get more user accounts and more storage space.

There are no additional costs for equipment, maintenance or licenses.

The premium version will provide extended tools for administration and will be released soon.

5. Is it secure to use

The security of user data is our top priority. All data will only be managed securely and encrypted with a Germany based and TÜV & ISO certificated server. will never give away user data to third parties.

Only employees with email-addresses from the same company are allowed to join the same network. A data security officer takes on all security related tasks.

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6. How can I convince my colleagues to use

Start your Internet browser and log into your network on using your email address and password (top right). For a quick access, we recommend to set a bookmark to the page. is browser-based and requires a current Internet browser. In order to keep the high security standards, we recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

7. How can I convince my colleagues to use

Start conversations: What's the first thing you'd like your team to do? Why not start a new conversation or add contact information to your profile? Communicating this will create focus and activate the team right off the bat.

Ban internal email: It works! In one week your communication will be more structured, your work more transparent and you'll no longer receive annoying cc and bcc emails.

Add content: is about getting work done, not just talking about it. Add important content for your team - give them a good reason to come back to

A new work tool doesn't (necessarily) mean you need to change what you do, but rather how you do it. So start with what you already know by recreating your current workflows on And: Make it fun to work!

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8. How can I contact

We love to talk to you. Please feel free to contact us at any time for general request about If you have press-related requests, we like to provide you with further information. Do you want to join our team? We like to get to know you.

Please send us your request using the contact form. We try to answer you as quick as possible.

9. What are the benefits of the Premium version?

Premium users have full control of members, networks, and content. Thus, it is possible to appoint more administrators, invite other members to a specific network or to block or delete specific users. Premium users will get unlimited storage space.

In addition, Premium users can create unlimited internal and external networks for teams, departments and projects and can share files with colleagues with a size of up to 50 MB per message.

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